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The direction of magnetization of magnets

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Magnetization is a necessary process in the production of magnetic steel. If the magnet is not magnetized, it will not be good, and it will lose its basic function as a permanent magnet material. Magnetic steel is a three-dimensional workpiece with different shapes. How to magnetize the magnet? Are the magnetizing effects in different directions the same?

The direction of magnetization depends on the focus direction

The easy magnetization direction is determined according to the burst direction. Only along the easy magnetization direction can the magnet reach the absorption state with the minimum energy. What is a trigger? Pre-magnetization is actually also magnetization. It just pre-magnetizes the magnetic powder that has not been finally densified during the production and molding process of magnet steel or the alloy that has not finally formed a phase during the heat treatment process, so that the hysteresis can eventually move along the magnetization field. Pay attention to the consistent arrangement of the direction and the degree of arrangement, the degree of concentration will be very good, and the residual magnetism of the magnet will be good.

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