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Temperature stability of permanent magnets

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Permanent magnets are generally used as magnetic field sources to provide a constant magnetic field in a certain space. For some precision instruments and magnetic devices, the stability of the magnet's magnetic field is crucial, and it will directly affect the accuracy and reliability of the instrument. 

The stability of magnets includes temperature stability, time stability, vibration and impact stability, electromagnetic field stability and chemical stability. It is generally described by the change in magnet performance parameters (such as residual magnetism for every 1°C increase in temperature). What percentage changes, how much does the magnet's residual magnetism decay per year at room temperature). 


Magnets are used in different environmental conditions and require different performance stability. For example, magnets used on spacecraft generally focus on performance stability under vibration and impact conditions. They also require stability under radiation, temperature and time conditions; they must be stable under conditions of radiation, temperature and time. Magnets that work in acidic or alkaline environments, or in environments with high humidity (humidity, heat, salt spray, etc.) are generally required to have chemical stability; and in places where the working environment temperature changes, attention is paid to whether the magnets are temperature stable.

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