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Magnetic measurement tools-Gauss meters

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Gauss meters, also known as Tesla meters, are commonly used as magnetic measurement tools.

At present, Gaussian meters are generally equipped with unidirectional Hall probes, which can only measure the magnetic field intensity in one direction, that is, can only measure the magnetic field intensity perpendicular to the direction of the Hall chip.

Gauss meters can generally measure DC and AC magnetic fields, with units that can be switched to display either Gaussian units Gs or international units millitesla mT. Among them, measuring DC magnetic fields is the most commonly used in the industry.

Precautions for using a Gaussian meter:

When using a Gauss meter to measure the magnetic field of a meter, the probe should not be excessively bent. The Hall chip at the end should generally be lightly pressed and in contact with the surface of the magnet. This is to ensure the fixation of the measuring point and to ensure that the probe is tightly attached to the measuring surface and is level with the measuring surface, but do not press hard.

Both sides of the Hall chip can sense, but the values and polarity are different. The scale surface is for easy measurement and cannot be used as a measurement surface. Non scale surfaces are the measurement surface.

Gauss meters measure the magnetic field intensity Bz on the default vertical measurement plane. The following figure is a simulation diagram of a regular Z-axis magnetized magnet. It can be seen that the magnetic field is a vector, and the magnetic field intensity on the Z-axis can be considered as Bz=. Due to the shortest magnetic circuit path at the edges, the magnetic field lines at the edges will be denser, and the magnetic field intensity B will be stronger than the center. However, Bz may not always be stronger than the center, but it is only a limitation of the area measured by the Hall chip, Generally, the strength of the measured corner magnetic field is stronger than the center, at least not lower than the center magnetic field.


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