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How to choose the appropriate magnet according to the working temperature?-Curie temperature

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Magnets will permanently lose magnetism when they exceed a certain temperature. Different magnets can withstand different maximum operating temperatures. 

So what are the temperature-related indicators? How to choose the appropriate magnet according to the working temperature?

One of the physical characteristics of magnets is that when the magnet is heated to a certain temperature, its original magnetism will disappear. People call this temperature the Curie point, also known as the  (Tc) or magnetic transition point.

The temperature is higher than the Curie temperature: the molecules inside the magnet move violently, the magnetic domain is destroyed, and a series of ferromagnetic properties related to the magnetic domain, such as high magnetic permeability, hysteresis loop, magnetostriction, etc., all disappear, and the magnet becomes irreversible. demagnetization phenomenon. It can be magnetized again after demagnetization, but the magnetizing voltage needs to be much higher than the voltage when first magnetized, and the magnetic field after magnetization may not reach the original level.

Choosing a material with an appropriate Curie temperature can improve the stability and reliability of the device.


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