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Neodymium Magnet


  • Magnetization is a necessary process in the production of magnetic steel. If the magnet is not magnetized, it will not be good, and it will lose its basic function as a permanent magnet material. Magnetic steel is a three-dimensional workpiece with different shapes. How to magnetize the magnet? Are


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  • Working temperature (Tw) refers to the temperature range that the magnet can withstand in practical applications. Different substances have different operating temperatures due to their different thermal stability. The maximum operating temperature of magnetic steel is much lower than the Curie temp


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  • Magnets will permanently lose magnetism when they exceed a certain temperature. Different magnets can withstand different maximum operating temperatures. So what are the temperature-related indicators? How to choose the appropriate magnet according to the working temperature?One of the physical char


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  • If the magnet is working or left for a long time, the surrounding environment (such as temperature, humidity, corrosive liquids, etc.) may cause the physical and chemical properties of the magnet to change. After the permanent magnet is magnetized, most areas are magnetized to a specific direction,


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  • Permanent magnets are generally used as magnetic field sources to provide a constant magnetic field in a certain space. For some precision instruments and magnetic devices, the stability of the magnet's magnetic field is crucial, and it will directly affect the accuracy and reliability of the instru


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  • When purchasing NdFeB magnets, which grade to buy is a question that all purchasers will be asked. N35, N38H, N40SH...What do these complex grades represent? What are the differences between different gardes of magnets? How to choose the appropriate NdFeB magnet by grade?According to the different i


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  • Gauss meters, also known as Tesla meters, are commonly used as magnetic measurement tools.At present, Gaussian meters are generally equipped with unidirectional Hall probes, which can only measure the magnetic field intensity in one direction, that is, can only measure the magnetic field intensity p


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  • The biggest application field of rare earth permanent magnets is permanent magnet motors, commonly known as motors. Permanent magnets are mainly square and parallelograms, and cylindrical linear motors also use axially magnetized circular magnets.


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